Welcome to Snyder's Riders!

Snyder's Riders is dedicated to creating a community of motorcyclists committed to protecting themselves and their loved ones. We seek to provide our members with the latest in motorcycle safety information, training programs, and accident prevention technologies. See below for our featured #StrengthInNumbers Campgain to celebrate Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.

WELCOME to the Snyder's Riders #StrengthInNumbers Campaign!

JOIN US as we celebrate the "official" beginning of the 2018 riding season during the month of May – Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month!


Become a part of the Snyder’s Riders #StrenghtInNumbers Campaign by taking either our New Rider Pledge or Mentor Pledge below as we actively seek to increase the numbers of safe, skilled motorcyclists whose passion is riding and enjoying the open road. Doing so automatically enters you to WIN our May Prize Package featuring over $100 worth of motorcycle gift cards, training DVD’s, dining certificates and MORE! To be eligible to win, you must be signed up as Snyder's Riders member.

ADDITIONAL ENTRIES can be obtained via our Facebook page as we release weekly video tips focused on New Riders, Mentoring Advice, "Hidden" advantages of riding in today’s traffic mix and the 5 Best Practices to ensure we have #StrengthInNumbers. For those not on social media, we will be keeping you informed via email and offering you the same opportunities to obtain those extra entries, so be sure you are signed up as a member today.

#StrengthInNumbers - Improving our sport One Rider at a Time!

By increasing our numbers, we increase the resources, options, and SAFETY of all riders. For the more motorcyclists we have on the road, the more likely others will SEE, RECOGNIZE, and learn to SAFELY INTERACT with us to ensure we ALL Arrive Safely to enjoy our sport another day!

At Snyder's Riders, "We Ride Alongside"

We ensure that you and your family receive the utmost care, concern, and compensation should you become the victim of someone else's actions.

Join us and lead by example in promoting Shared Responsibility among motorists and motorcyclists.

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